Bringing the Father to the Fatherless - As cold waters to a thirsty soul, so is GOOD NEWS from a far country.  Proverbers 25:25

Population: 4,092,310
Orphans & Abandoned Children: 350,000
Capital: Monrovia
Area: 43,000 square miles
Language: English, 20 ethnic languages
Religion: Christian 85.6%,
             Muslim 12.2%,
             Traditional 0.6%,
             Other 0.2%, none 1.4% 
Currency: Liberian dollar
Life Expectancy: 58

Percentage of Population Living on Less than $2/day: 94%
Bounded by the Atlantic Ocean and the border countries of Guinea, Cote d'Ivoire, and Sierra Leone, Liberia is a land rich in natural resources such as iron ore, rubber, timber, diamonds, coffee, and cocoa.  

Freed American slaves began settling on the West African coast in 1822. In 1847, Liberia was declared an independent republic—Africa's first—under a constitution modeled on that of the United States. In the 1970s, Liberia had one of the highest GNPs in the world; however the economic, social, and political gaps between the descendants of the original settlers and the native Liberians resulted in a 14 year civil war and the ultimate destruction of the country’s economy and infrastructure, leaving Liberia ranked #4 in the World’s Top 10 Poorest Countries.

The spiritual and physical needs are great due to the ravages of civil war that lasted 14 years.  While recovery was still in its infancy, ebola struck and where industry once flourished and missionaries once served, an economic and spiritual void remains.  The Liberians are rebuilding and are welcoming help on all fronts.  This provides a wide open door for spreading the gospel and discipleship of the believers.

Liberia sits on the southern edge of the 10/40 window, an area steeped in Islam.  Due to fighting in surrounding  countries, there is a large transient population and many opportunities to reach Muslims with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Many Liberian Muslims are open and receptive to the true gospel.  As we care for and serve the people of Monrovia, part of our goal is to continue to reach, win and disciple Muslims for Christ.  

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